During Dementia Action Week 2019, Singology Choir recorded a video of the song "Rise Up" and hghlighted the ways in which music can benefit those living with Dementia. We also called on anyone watching to let us know songs that their loved ones might like to hear to bring back some of those special memories that often feel lost to this condition.


Well ... we've been collecting song suggestions and now the time has come to sing them! On Wednesday 4th September you'll be learning these requested songs with Mark De-Lisser, in a super fun one of a kind workshop! At the end of the session when all songs have been learned, we'll be recording and live streaming the session online so that people everywhere can experience the joy of having their special song performed! 


This workshop is open to Singology members and non members, and all ticket proceeds are being donated to Alzheimer's Society.


Led by choral director and Singology founder Mark De-Lisser, we're excited to bring you this fantastic workshop on Wednesday 4th September!



7-9 PM

The Advent Centre, London, W1H 5HD


4th September | Sing for Dementia with Mark De-Lisser




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