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Joanne is a qualified music leader who is passionate about singing, especially Gospel songs.She is a Choral Director, Arranger, and Performer, and also Provides 1 to 1 lessons.

Joanne also delivers energising singing workshops in schools, youth groups and corporations and of course leads community choirs.


Joanne believes that music, singing in particular, has the power to heal and change lives. She is passionate about singing and seeks to create opportunities for everyone with the same passion to have access to singing in a safe and fun environment.

Joanne enjoys bringing singing projects to areas where access to music and community singing isn’t easily accessible. She is energetic, innovative, and passionate about sharing music to empower participants to progress, and believes it is essential to acknowledge their achievement.


Joanne is very much in love with uplifting people through singing.

Singology is a singing community. Every session is different and there are some really fantastic moments, yet we come together from around London and make a bigger community positively impacting people’s lives. I adapt what I do to meet the needs of the members. Mark creates fantastic modern arrangements of popular songs. I enjoy the opportunities that are available to tutors and members.

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