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Rachel works in live broadcast TV in London, is a part-time Uni student, a mum of one, and LIVES for music.


With over 10 years experience in live performance with rock bands, Rachel is a singer/songwriter, that has also been featured in electronic music played by DJs across the country. 


Rachel is also a keen arranger, records her own work and is building up her porfolio.


She joined Singology in 2017 as a member, and fell in love instantly. She recorded an arrangement and taught it to the South Croydon choir, fueling her passion for teaching and leading.

From the moment I joined Singology, I felt like I was at home. I love Singology because it’s about so much more than singing. It’s about bringing people together and connecting, as well as lifting each other up. I love teaching at Singology because it doesn’t feel like teaching at all - it feels like I’m singing with family.

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