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Singology Hits V Fest 2017 with Stormzy!

Well, if you managed to miss our biggest news of the summer, where have you been?? The word of our epic two performances with grime star Stormzy quite literally reached everywhere! From viral posts to Radio 1 interviews there was an incredible reaction to our unforgettable experience, thanks to a hilarious video of one of our members with Stormzy being shared online. For us though, the weekend was about so much more. We had the honour of joining the GQ Man of the Year on stage for one of his most poignant songs - "Blinded by Your Grace (Part II)", a song that clearly means a lot to him and really resonated with us too. We're still on a high from the performance and are excited to be sharing a video diary of the weekend very shortly! In the meantime we'd like to express our huge gratitude to Stormzy's team for having us and to every member who took part! Definitely a weekend we'll never forget.

If you think this sounds like fun, why not come join us for a free trial session? Next time you could be up there with us!

Team Singology

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