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Learning from the Best! Guest Workshop with the Mighty Michelle John!

Whilst some were wining and dining their other halves on Valentine's Day, the Singology family were spending their evening with the other love of their life - singing! We had the absolute pleasure of learning from vocalist Michelle John, as she hosted the first of this year's specialist guest workshops! Michelle, who has spent over twenty years in the industry working with some of music's biggest names, took our members through a phenomenal session where they explored their confidence and found their vocal freedom!

This workshop, titled "Singing Performance and Stagecraft" gave each participant not only the opportunity to learn from Michelle's expertise, but to then put it into practice! Every person in attendance felt inspired and empowered to get up and perform solo in front of the group - a huge moment for many and a definite first for a lot of our singers!

Thanks again to the remarkable Michelle John. To keep up to date with Michelle's music and upcoming performances please visit:

We're still all on a high from the workshop and really hope to have Michelle back soon. Watch this space!

If you're interested in getting involved in one of our workshops, whether you're a Singology member or not, then check out our upcoming dates via our "Workshops" page!

See you there!

Team Singology

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